Time to Reflect

So I took some time to reflect about my ePortfolio.  Time can be a major factor.  What can I do to be able to ensure the continued use of this ePortfolio after the program is complete?  How can I incorporate the use of ePortfolios in my classroom.  It is just a useful tool and would really benefit the students, in my classroom.  But how do I do that for math?  Or do I want to pitch this idea to the special education support teachers, so my students on my caseload are able to have it as a transition portfolio?  These are some tough questions to ask and I really think it’ll take more than a day to figure it out.  By having my student utilize an ePortfolio is some way, would really benefit them in their post-secondary life.  Wish me luck, for finding a solution!



The Magic of English.  Retrieved from http://jbernbergmethods1.blogspot.com/2017/09/reflection-is-key-component-in-how-we.html

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