Trust the Process – Sharing and Evaluating ePortfolios

The journey of creating my ePortfolio, has been one of uncertainty.  I find myself slipping in and out of the growth mindset.  I’m so used to seeing examples and rubrics that tell you exactly how something been done.  So when given the task of developing an ePortfolio, I was left wondering “Am I doing this correctly?”  As my classes have progressed I realized, I need to go with what I feel is a good representation of me and my journey.  I need to keep reminding myself that there is NOT one correct way to construct an ePortfolio.  After the constant reminders, I feel I was able to truly make an ePortfolio that show my learning process of the Digtial Learning and Leading curriculum.

When looking at other ePortfolios, I was left asking myself a few questions.  I thought that they were very impressive and then I started to compare.  Is mine good enough?  Should I change mine to be like theirs?  Did I do it correctly?  Thanks to some encouraging and useful feedback, I realized that I need to answer one question about the ePortfolio.  If I’m able to answer “yes” to this question, then I did the best job I possibly could. Does this accurately represent what I’ve learned and show my learning process?  I really appreciated the feedback.  I looked at the ePortfolios not as a model I need to replicate, but as something that could inspire me to do more.

In the start of my first class, I used Wix.  It had a great layout and style.  When moving through the course, I know that there was encouragement to move to WordPress.  We were told that going forward and developing out ePortfolio would be more compatible with this platform.  At first, it was a little overwhelming switch to another platform and learning how to actually use it.  With time, I was able to transfer my information and continue developing my ePortfolio.  I realized that it wasn’t nearly as time consuming as I expected.

This journey has been exciting and mind-opening.  I can’t wait to continue and see what’s next!



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