Why Use an ePortfolio?

Last week, I initially touched on this concept and really do believe this is the most important.  The “why” is what keeps me going, it gives whatever I’m doing a purpose.  A great reason to start an ePortfolio and get my students start one, is because technology is everywhere and we need to keep up with the world.  As a teacher, I want to be as current and up to date with everything, I think it’ll in turn  benefit my students.  I also believe that schools are starting to want ePortfolios, by having our students start now, it’ll give them a “one up” on other students.  If schools are wanting ePortfolios, will employers start wanting them next?

When reading, Why Use an ePortfolio, it resonated with me.  The reflection piece is a crucial part of learning.  The one moment that really sticks out in my mind was when I was given a group of students in a class that were different levels and not to mention there were 15 students.  Keep in mind this was a small room, a lot of student for what is supposed to “small group instruction” (special education class) and a variety of levels.  My head was spinning from all of the factors going into organizing and running my classroom.  I ended up trying idea after idea and was finally able to make it work.  After each time I had class, I would think of what worked and what didn’t.  I feel this idea of reflection works for any task in life.

When reading, Why Reflect, it definitely supported the reflection aspect of ePortfolios.  The ePortfolio is a way of “story telling” and letting anyone that looks at it, see your journey.  They are able to see your journey and how you’ve learned from beginning to start.  I think that as you look at your own your able to reflect and realize how much learning has gone on and how much you’ve grown.

I believe that both educators and students can benefit from developing an ePortfolio.  As a teacher, I would like to develop an ePortfolio, to be able to display my work.  If administrators look at what I’ve done all year, they see a grade book.  Does that really showcase all of the hard work I’ve done? No.  I think it would be a great way to show what I’ve done in my classroom.  In the process, I feel I’ll be able to see my growth in my classroom.  As for students, I would like to create an ePortfolio but I’m not sure how useful it would be for a math class.  I know that students in my school have portfolios in their English classes.  I think that it would be awesome if they took it one step further and turned it into an ePortfolio.  We also have  special education students that have support classes that focus on their needs, one of them being transition.  It would be awesome if they’d be able to document the learning of the transition process through an ePortfolio.  I believe that the benefits to an ePortfolio are endless.


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