Another Chapter Closed – My Reflection of 5303

When I was told to start an ePortfolio, I wasn’t all that overwhelmed.  I didn’t feel the pressure for it do be “perfect” because we were just getting started.  Once starting 5303,  we were told to develop out pages little by little each week. To be honest I was dreading it because I was told that it was be in our best interest to switch to WordPress.  I was originally using Wix and had just gotten used to the format.  When I looked at WordPress, it honestly looked confusing to me.  So i put it off and continued using Wix, while blogging, and then realized I need dragging my feet.  I switched over to WordPress and it wasn’t as bad as expected.  I’ve actually learned to like WordPress and noted for the future that I can’t put things off just because it might not work out as easily and I would prefer.

I really did appreciate being able to speak with my group members.  It helped me with  questions,  useful suggestions and grammar checking.  I was also able find out how to link my blog posts, which were on the home page, to a separate page from a group member.  All around it was a great addition to the ePortfolio process.

Another thing that I appreciated was being able to look at ePortfolios .  The ones that were in Dr. Harapnuik’s blog were awesome and were great to see what mine can become.  They were finished, so to be honest they were a little intimidating.  I was noticing me comparing and thinking negatively about mine.  I think it was the “fixed mindset voice” coming out of me.  But I quickly put it in check, with the power of “yet”.  I really liked looking at my classmates’ ePortfolios. I didn’t notice myself comparing, but getting ideas.  I think it was an overall positive experience and really enjoyed looking at them.

I was also grateful for the feedback.  I think there is no way any ePortfolio in this class can be sub-par with all of the supports in place.  We were able to get feedback from Dr. Reed, our group members and classmates.  There were so many suggestions and positive feedback and I really enjoyed reading it all.  This suggestions helped me better my ePortfolio and it’s helped me continue to learn and grow.

This class has really helped me continue to grow and be a life-long learner.  I’m so thankful for everything I’ve learned and feel prepared to continue with improving my ePortfolio.


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