Bring on the Learning Revolution!

While watching “Bring on the Learning Revolution” , I heard a lot of great point made by Sir Ken Robinson.  I completely agree with everything he said.  He was also pretty hilarious, so i got a few laughs (which i usually don’t get with education based videos).  His analogy of comparing schools to fast food restaurants is a scary truth.  He mentions that schools are conforming to a standardized way of learning.  As schools and teacher we need to get away from that idea.  Learning is not a “one size fits all” concept.  Education needs to be student lead and centered.

I think what this is says about the “standard” classroom, is that it doesn’t have the capability or allow for the highest form of learning. I think that if we as teachers wanted to have customized learning environments, it may be difficult with the essential tools.  If a teacher does have the tools, then there is no reason not to have some form of blended learning.

I think that all we can do to change the educational system is to do our best to integrate disruptive innovation and blended learning into the classroom.  We as teachers need to showcase the learning that is taking place.

I recently went to this training on a new math program, that our district wants to have us integrate into the classroom.  This program seems pretty awesome, but getting it a month into the school year makes it a bit challenging. Although I’d prefer to have learned about this in the summer, so I could plan, this program is pretty awesome and I know my students would really benefit.  This program, Get More Math, is completely custom based off of the students’ needs in math, in regards to concepts and skills.  The students are able to practice and take assessments on this program.  When students work on the practice and assessments, no practice or assessment is the same. The practice and assessments are based on needs and the new material. Wish me luck!

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