Disruptive Innovation

After watching the videos and reading, Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools, it really made me realize the shift in classroom.  Disruptive innovation is important for a few reasons.  Students, being digital natives, gravitate towards and learn better when technology is involved.  Also, in order to cater student needs, in terms of courses need to be taken, this is the answer.  Another reason that stated in the “Technology as a Disruptive Force in Education”, was actually an example that made sense.  The example stated that in the classroom, if the student wants to discuss and ask for others’ perspectives, in the classroom that can’t really happen while the teacher is instructing.  In the disruptive classroom, or blended learning environment, a student would be able to pause the instruction and discuss the topic at hand.  The focus is on student center learning and shouldn’t it be?


In the videos, it was mentioned that some classrooms have Chromebooks or laptops and that districts believe they are partaking in blended learning and this is not the case.  They stated, “that it doesn’t have to do with the state of technology, it has to do with how the technology has been implemented.” I thought that was great, because a lot of schools and or classrooms think that everything is better if they just add technology, but it definitely isn’t.  I think that we emphasize technology, to show proof of us integrating and having a blending classroom.  If we really wanted to showcase this, it should be evidence of student work.

I feel that my district is doing a pretty good job at innovation.  Since I’ve been there we have always had an online learning system.  Just like blackboard at Lamar, teachers have been able to have assignment, assessments and discussions on our systems.  Students have Chromebooks and can now access this learning system inside and outside of the classroom.  My district also have the option to do online courses, through an outside program.  They also offer hybrid courses, where students are able to work online, from home for four days of the week and meet with the teacher one day a week.  My district is making a great effort and continuing to improve.


Part 6 — Technology as a Disruptive Force in Education. (2014, June 05). Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0ENX-GTUf4&feature=youtu.be

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