Finding a Balance

After watching the videos, it really confirmed that words do really make a difference. Being a special education/math teacher, I have a variety of students in my classes. Whether it’s the struggling student, the student with a learning disability lacking confidence or a student with an emotional disturbance; words have a huge impact. After writing my proposal and literature review, I’m starting to see how words affect the overall meaning. I struggled with first writing in the “passive voice” and I saw how that impacted my message.

I did agree with the message of words in the video, with BSGuys. I think that the natural reaction to being lectured about what your doing wrong, is to be defensive. If I think back to any of my classes, did I enjoy being lectured? That’s going to be a NO. I don’t believe that anyone enjoys a lecture (if you do, I’m sorry!!). In the video, I don’t think it was cognitive that started the process of changing their reactions. I believe it started with the heart, of what was right and wrong. Then it was followed up with a mixture of effective and cognitive.

For my video, I plan to go with my way of thinking. I believe that one domain isn’t better than the other. I will choose to go with my head and my heart. Along with focusing on both domains, I will try to show perspective by using questions, rather than lecture about what I feel to be true. I want the viewer to feel a certain way about my message because they moved by it, not forced via lecture.

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