Innovative Tendencies

Before reading the post, “Are You An Innovative Educator? Here’s How to Find Out “, I believed myself to be an innovative educator or have “innovative tendencies”. After reading the post, I realized that I’m not an innovative educator. I try to meaningfully incorporate technology into the classroom. I try to make the math as relevant as possible. But after looking at the chart, I realized that I have some work to do. I hate to harp on it, but I really feel like the demands of state testing really put a damper on the learning process. I feel like the the push is to cover all of the material covered on the tests, rather than trying to deliver meaningful, authentic lessons.

Communication is key! I believe that it needs to be consistent. As teachers, I would believe that everyone would agree with that. Everyone needs to be “in the know”, whether it’s students,administrators, and/or parents. I think that even though it sounds crazy, Kotter’s admonition of using a wide assortment of technology, is sad, but true. This reminds me of the conversation, in the last discussion, about the “$1000 pencil”. I think that some educators get so lost and fixated on incorporating technology, that they overdo it. Trying to incorporate all known technology isn’t the answer. Selecting technology for the class that is efficient and useful is the way to go. Technology needs to be meaningful and beneficial to the students.

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