The World is Changing. Why are we?

When watching the video, “Progressive Education in the 1940’s”, I did notice some similarities to when I was in school and the present. It makes me question why education hasn’t evolved as much as it should have, since that time period. With so many advancements in technology, why are we not changing? I think that there are a few factors. Some schools simply don’t have the resources. I think that some teachers are overwhelmed with the responsibilities that are forced upon them, like standardized tests. While others are just comfortable doing what they’ve been doing. There was one statement that was made at the end of the video that I thought was true then and should be true now. John Dewey stated, “The world is moving at a tremendous rate. No one knows where. We must prepare our children not for the world of the past, not for our world, but for their world, the world of the future.” John Dewey’s statement should be the thought and goal of every teacher.

While reading, ”People Who Like this Stuff…Like this Stuff”, I really thought that the four steps seem to make sense. First it was mentioned to start with the why. I think that anyone needs to know a reason and the relevancy of doing something. If there isn’t a reason or point to it, I know I wouldn’t be interested or invested. To enlist in key influencers is also pretty important. To convey the why, they should be trusted individual. People aren’t going to buy into the “why” from just anyone. Having a strategy is equally as important. Without a clear cut plan, expect chaos.

I don’t believe that “People Who Like this Stuff…Like this Stuff” applies to my school. I feel that each year they try to improve in the “technology integration field”. I feel that this year, my school was able to check all of the boxes with the four steps. We were made part of the “why” conversation last year. My school appointed some “go-to” people and they set a plan with goals. This year we were able to explore and learn ourselves. The cool thing is, we were able to learn from ourselves and from others going through the same process.


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