Want to Innovate?

Teachers have always been to taught to plan, plan, plan.  I would think that most teachers feel most comfortable being completely organized and having everything laid out in a step-by-step manner.  But if you think about it, is that what’s best for the students?  I know we need to be flexible and adjust plans, as needed, based off of student needs,  But is that enough to encourage the full potential of student learning?  It’s more meaningful if the instruction is student-lead and driven.  So we just have a start point for the lesson and let the students dictate where if goes?  I believe that the answer is yes.  Although it’ll be a little stressful, worrying about time constraints and trusting the students are going to take it seriously, we need to remind ourselves of the main priority and goal of our job teachers.

I would have to say that I’m flexible, in the classroom.  I think that every teacher needs to be able to adjust and meet the needs of their students. About a month ago, I went to a training on a new math program.  I knew that I loved the idea and everything about it, but I was concerned about how I’d incorporate it into my classroom with a month into school.  We saw all these examples of this program being used in every aspect of the class and it seemed pretty overwhelming.  After trying out different scenarios in my head, I was able to decide on a way to phase the program into my classroom.  I’m not using this program everyday in my class, nor do I have to, but I found a way to use it as a student specific remediation tool to address individual student needs week by week.

As for my school, I feel that they are pretty supportive and flexible.  My school offers a variety of hybrid course for students, from core subjects to physical education. My school has also shown support for turning out classrooms into blended classrooms.  My school signed up the math department for this program.  So they are not only encouraging it they are giving us the tools to be able to do so.  Along with that, we have a new online learning platform that our school is rolling out.  They are setting goals or “check points” for us to get to each marking period, to assure that we are using it in our classroom.  They have personnel on hand, to help answer any questions on the program.  They really want this to work and be beneficial to our students.

To meet the needs of my class of digital natives, I’m making a solid effort to incorporate technology into the classroom.  I believe that this year, my colleagues are really working hard to incorporate technology.  My co-workers are growing, in regards to technology and so are the students.  I love technology and feel that I’m pretty current and well versed with it, while others need a little assistance.  It’s nice to see them really make an effort, to help the students.  It’s also great to see students learning to use technology that is educational.  Students tend excel with apps like instagram, snapchat, etc., but get frustated with educational technology.  I see them really trying and making strides.  By consistently introducing new technology in school, it’s exposing them to programs they may see in the future and teaching and enforcing problem-solving skills.  I’m excited to see how this year plays out!


Photo by Pixabay.com .


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