A New Culture of Learning

After watching, A New Culture of Learning, it really solidified that my one gripe with education is still a consistent struggle for all teachers.  Douglas Thomas mentioned that that standard testing used now doesn’t have to do with knowledge, but surveillance.  I can’t agree more with that belief!  Administration can state that they don’t care about the scores, but I’ve sure overhead conversations about other educators being spoken too about not making adequate progress.  All this for an assessment, the Keystones, that graduation requirements are continuously pushed back?

Thomas also states that standardized tests are about normalization, basically treating all teachers the same and all students the same.  Goodbye flexibility! This normalization assumes that all students are the same,  they learn the same an demonstrate understanding the same.  We as teachers all know that isn’t true.  By giving students one way to demonstrate their level of understanding, we could be missing out on actually knowing if they understand the concept and/or skill.  By doing this we are discouraging passion, imagination and constraint.

Thomas ends the video with the question, “Why aren’t we making learning fun and easy?”.  I agree that if a teacher hears another class is”easy” it’s seen as a negative thing.  I believe their is a difference between class that makes learning easy and a class that is just easy.  In my opinion, if a teacher makes learning easy, they are accommodating all their students and giving them a learning environment that is tailored to their learning needs and styles.  I think that should be our goal as teachers.  By allowing students to learn the way they need to and express themselves the way they need to; we are focusing on passion, imagination and constraint.


Thomas, D. (2012). A new culture of learning. (TEDxUFM) [Video].  htps://youtu.be/lM80GXlyX0U



Photo by pixabay.com.

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