Aligning Outcomes, Assessment and Activities

After reading Fink’s, A Self-Directed Guide to Course Design , it helped to make my innovation plan get one step closer to a reality.  In my innovation plan, I plan to implement the use of ePortfolios in the classroom.  Although I went through the step by step process of this initiative, in the implementation plan outline  ,  it was broad description of what would be taking place.  It gave the detail of the initiative such as: a half year of getting feedback and thoughts on the use of ePortfolios, a full piloting year and then followed up with school-wide ePortfolio use.  By following Fink’s course design, I was able to align outcomes, assessment and activites, with the “Backward Design” (Fink, 4) in mind.  I asked myself, “What will students do to demonstrate they have achieved the Learning Goals we set for the course?”(Fink, 4).  The answer to that question, drove me to think about my actual goal.

By first creating my BHAG, Big Hairy Audacious Goal, I was able to look at where I want my students to be and what I want them to learn.  With my goal being so student focused, it allowed me to align the assessments and and activities to be student focused as well.  My end goal is to prepare students for post-secondary life, no matter what path, and to feel confidence about learning so they will continue to do so for the rest of their lives’.  I want my students to be successful after they leave high school and by implementing this plan and BHAG, I believe this is all possible!

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