Power of Growth Mindset

To get students to understand and develop the growth mindset, teachers need to model this mindset. In order for students to buy into this mindset, they need to see that the teacher truly believe in it and practice it on a daily basis.  I believe that the teacher needs to focus on the important “stuff” like the learning process rather than the grade.  If the teacher is able to get the message across, students wouldn’t be hyper focused and have anxiety about grades.  I believe that having the students be in charge or their learning and the teacher taking the facilitator role, in the lessons would also help develop the growth mindset.  With students being in charge of their learning they are able to challenge themselves, take risks  and reflect on what might have worked and what didn’t work.  By students taking charge of their learning, they would develop a sense of accomplishment, pride and ownership about what they learned.  It becomes more personal to them.  Learning would be a more enjoyable process for the student.

“Yet” could be modeled formally and informally, in the classroom.  Teachers could model or share personal experiences of when they used the power of “yet”.  Teachers could also informally address a situation, if a students was feeling defeated or negative about learning a certain concept or skill.

I feel that the growth mindset would definitely change the acceptance of feedback.  Students or anyone for that matter have a tendency to feel a little to a lot defensive.  By accepting challenges and the focus being on growth, students want and welcome feedback because the goal is to grow and learn more.  In regards to rate of cheating, I feel that this would decrease dramatically.  Because  the learning process is highly valued, the grade is no longer desirable to the student.


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