The Head Won’t Go Where the Heart Hasn’t Been


Change can be a difficult concept to grasp for a lot of people.  I personally have had to move away from my fixed mindset to a growth mindset.  I really did not like change.  I was flexible in the classroom and would adapt for students needs and, or so I thought.  After taking my first class I realized that I was not as flexible and open minded as I thought.  Along with noticing how I dealt with change, I also became in tune with how others’ idea of change.  After watching the videos for the week, I know that I need to focus on the heart and not just the facts when trying to promote change.

I think we traditionally targeted the mind and ignored the heart, when trying to promote change, because people that that they need to prove their point with facts.  When I think of this, it makes me think about when I’m speaking with my students about preparing for the future.  I think that there are so many times that we try to reach our high school students that feel like they have no direction, to ignite a spark and to want to prepare for their future.  Just giving facts about isn’t going to ignite that change in the student. Teachers need to inspire students to feel good of their true self and identity, to learn their truth and a desire to be their best.  Then in turn, students will be motivated to prepare for their desired future.  As Tom Asacker stated, “Information doesn’t move us, desire moves us”.

Answering the why is such an important part of change.  The “why” is the motivation  to do the things we do.  If an individual is able to answer the “why”,  they have a reason and become intrinsically motivated.  This can easily be related to the classroom.  There are students that are either motivated by grades or not.  If the student that isn’t motivated by grades can understand the “why” of the assignment they will be intrinsically motivated to want to do the assignment, because they see the relevancy of the assignment.  It is our goal as teachers to be able to help the students find the “why” in anything we do in the classroom.



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