Change Behavior


Jeni Cross mentions that our greatest adversary is common sense.  It really surprised me, but it appears that common sense can actually hinder those who are trying to change behavior.  The first myth that Jeni mentions is that education will change behavior.  I can see why others may think that educating an individual would change them, but after watching the videos last week I was assured to know it’s the heart that changes behavior, not the head.  The second myth that Jeni mentioned is that you need to change attitudes to change behavior.  She stated that it was actually the other way around.  We need to set expectations and connect to their values.  The last myth that Jeni mentioned is that people knows what motivates them to take action.  Truly we don’t know what motivates us, we can guess but we really don’t know what it is.

Dr. Cross and the Influencer’s Model were similar because they both focus on trying to change behavior.  Even though Dr. Cross mentions that we don’t know what motivates us, the influencer’s model gives options to that can be used to change behavior.   I hope that I can change my students’ behaviors throughout the course of my ePortfolio initiative, by using the Influencer’s Model.

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