Make Peer Influence a Positive Thing


Peer influence can be a powerful thing.  I believe that individuals usually stereotype peer influence as a bad thing,  I mean I think we all recall our parents asking us, “if your friends jump off a bridge would you too?”.  But peer influence can also be used for good.  It can be used to get others to change unwanted behaviors.

After watching the Washed Up video , it was pretty evident that peer influence plays a big part and changing behavior.  Once a child told the others to wash their hands, then 11 out of the 12 did.  I think that I can use peer influence, to start, in piloting stage of my initiative.  My fellow teachers that start to use ePortfolios can but used to influence other co-workers, to use them consistently in their classroom.  As for the students, the teachers can pick students that are excited to use ePortfolios, to give input on the during discussions.  But this might not be enough, it was stated that by using four or more sources of influence the chances of success go up ten times.

I think that all six sources influences must be explored.  As stated in the video, four or more influences should be used for the best chances of success.  Some sources of influence may be more applicable to the group than others.   So I believe when trying to create change, all sources must be explored in case some don’t work.  As long as a teacher is persistent and keep trying to incorporate sources of influence, change is possible.


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