My Influencer Strategy

We are creatures of habit and sometimes it can feel difficult to change.  In reality, change isn’t hard or difficult, it’s uncomfortable.  People tend to let the phrase “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” run their classroom.  The problem with that mentality is that, the world is changing, so should the way that we teach and prepare our students for post-secondary life must change as well.  To prepare our students for the future, we need to teach them to be lifelong learners.  I am currently working on my innovation plan to implement ePortfolios throughout my high school.  This will be a change for administration, teachers and students.  This will be a great change for my institution that allows students to make choices, take ownership, and have their own voice while participating in authentic learning.

My desired result is to have all teachers and students, in the high school, will consistently use ePortfolios, by the end of the 2020-2021 school year in order to prepare students for their post-secondary lives.  In the initial stages of my innovation plan, I plan to have a pilot group use ePortfolios in the classroom.  Following the year of the piloting group, the rest of the high school teaching staff will then start to use ePortolios in their classrooms.

Being able to measure results is a crucial part of my innovation plan.  I need to be able to monitor my initiative, of the implementation of ePortfolios, in the classroom.  To be able to measure the results, I will survey teachers and students about ePortfolio usage and will take the positives and areas of need into account.  By getting feedback from teachers and students, I will be able to correct the issues to make sure this is a meaning experience for all.  I will also collect both teacher and student exemplars.  These can be used as references for others and help to guide them throughout the ePortfolio process.  Another way that will aid the learning process, of implementing ePortfolios, are observations.  The only way to continue to grow to collaborate, get feedback and reflect.  All teachers will have the opportunity to showcase how they are using ePortfolios in their classroom and received feedback on the positives and be given suggestions on how to continue to grow.

In order to achieve my desired goal, it needs to extend beyond just my plan.  There are some vital behaviors that my co-workers must exhibit.  So for the students believe teachers about the importance of ePortfolios, we need to “walk the walk”.  Teachers and administration must create and model how to properly use an ePortfolio.  Students need to see that we are invested in this initiative and they we have found out “why”.  By creating and modeling how to use an ePortfolio, we are setting up expectations.  To continue to address the importance of ePortfolios, teachers need to consistently use them in their classroom. In my innovation plan, I stated that teachers will assign one assignment, related to ePortfolios, per week.  In addition to the assignment, teachers will also require that students reflect on a learning experience and collaborate with others. The last vital behavior, is for the staff to meet to collaborate and work with each other to continue to learn and grow with the ePortfolio initiative.

The administrators play a major role in my implementation plan.  I need to be able to gain not only their approval, but continued support of my initiative.  Their continued support will keep teachers motivated to consistently use ePortfolios.  It is also up to the teachers to use ePortfolios, in a positive way, in their classrooms.  It is up to the teachers to show the students the benefits of learning to use an ePortfolio and to focus on the learning process.  With the support and consistent use from both administrators and teachers, this innovation plan will have great potential for success.

Influencer Strategy

Change can be uncomfortable for most, which is why most stray away and don’t actually change.  In order to change the behaviors within my organization, I plan to use the Six Sources of Influence.  This Influencer Model provides six different ways to influence change.  In a video that I watched, Washed Up video , it stated that using four or more of the influences actually increases the chances of success by ten times.

Prior to learning about the Influence Model, I believed that innovation plan was ready to go.  After reading more into the ways to make this change happen, I’ve realized that I’m not getting into the key details to make sure the plan runs smoothly.  This model has helped me to look at the big picture and work backwards, to figure out how I will make this change within my organization.  After pinpointing the vital behaviors; measures; and organizational influencers, I know that I’m ready to create change.

six sources


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