4 Disciplines of Execution

At the beginning of my DLL journey, I thought that process of developing my innovation plan was complete after developing the proposal, outline, literature review and video.  I couldn’t have been any more wrong with that assumption.  I learned that there is so much more than that needs to be done to ensure that it’s successful.  I realized that I need to ensure engagement from others by implementing at least four influences from my influencer model.  I was able to incorporate multiple influences, in order to ensure that all teachers and students in the high school, will consistently use ePortfolios, by the end of the 2020-2021 school year in order to prepare students for their post-secondary lives.  At this point I realize that this will never be “done”.  Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, and Jim Huling helped me focus on a wildly important goal and to create a 4DX plan, to avoid the whirlwind.  Life happens and everyone needs to plan to get past the it.

The 4DX Plan

The 4DX Plan is comprised of four disciplines, within five stages of change.  When I was learning about the 4dx plan, two positives came to mind.  The first part of the plan that I focused on was the discipline two.  I think that a lot of individuals get lost after they set a goal because they only look at the lag measure and not the lead measure.  It’s extremely important, because the lead measure is like a checklist of how to achieve the lag measure.  I know that I truly benefit from checklists.  Being a special education teacher, a lot of my students benefit from checklists.  I think that this is a great way to stay organized and on track with accomplish the WIG.  The second positive was that it encourages teamwork.  By working together, to accomplish as goal, it’s that more achievable.  Being able to give feedback, ideas, and be a support system can really help all involved.  Following the 4DX plan will really help all involved in my innovation plan, to implement ePortfolios at my high school.

My 4DX Plan for Implementing ePortfolios

I have create a 4DX plan, to implement ePortfolios into the classroom, at the high school.  I plan to share this with others, teachers that are piloting the program and administrators, to get feedback.  I would then like to send a revised version to the faculty and get feedback, to make any additional changes to the 4DX plan.


The Five Stages of Change

To prepare for the change that will be occurring,  in addition to the influencer model, I created The Five Stages of Change.  This will be used to appropriate steps are taken to ensure a successful change.

The fIVE sTAGES (1)

4DX Plan vs. The Influencer Model

When comparing the 4DX plan and the influencer model, one would think that they are the same.  When completing this assignment, I asked myself the same question in the beginning.  They both have goals, when looking at the wildly important goal and desired results.  They both want to influence the audience.  They both want to evoke change.  There is a major difference though.  The 4DX takes a more systematic, “business-like” approach to change; while the influencer model tries to tap into the individuals’ emotions.  The 4DX also takes the “whirlwind” or life into account.  Life happens and it can be a very powerful thing that can completely derail any plans.  I believe that both are equally important and need to be considered.  While continuing to develop my innovation plan, I’m going to reference both the 4DX plan and the influencer model, to plan for a successful change in my organization.



Chesney, C., Covey, S. & Huling, J.  (2012) The 4 disciplines of execution.  New York, NY:  Franklin Covey Co.

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