Getting Past the Whirlwind


I think that this is a common issue we all face, getting past the whirlwind.  Our whirlwinds are all the things we have going on in our lives.  Throughout the DLL program, I for some reason, have had a major conflict happening throughout each course.   It included  a death in the family, pet illness, moving, mystery shooting pains in my head, a stressful situation a work.  This was addition to my everyday life.  When thinking about my goal of doing well and completing the DLL program, to the best of my ability, it was definitely a significant factor that at times limited the execution of this goal.  These were major distractions, in my life, that at times took a toll on me and the goal I set for myself.

I really like 4DX, because it allows an individual to focus on one to two goals to accomplish.  I think that the combination of the whirlwind and the excess goals can be deadly.  It’s more manageable and easier to focus one to two goals  and then create the steps or checklist of goals to accomplish to get to the WIG.

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