Crucial Conversations

Through the whirlwind, in which we call life,  it can get hectic.  Through all of this communication and conversations are crucial.  I’ve experienced this in my personal recently.  I’ve felt since my husband and I sold our house, life just hasn’t stopped.  We have been on overload with life and with that, comes stress and anxiety.  With all these obstacles thrown at us and a new, much bigger house it’s been hard to get everything done and so the arguments of whose doing what in the house began.  We both realized very quickly that the arguing wasn’t good for us and wasn’t getting the goal accomplished, a nice clean house.  We needed to have a crucial conversation and talk about how we felt and what we needed to do be able to accomplish our goal and be fair.  This conversation saved us from a lot of headaches, negative experiences and helped us to accomplish our goal.

I know that I’ve personally had them the workplace, and although it was difficult it was necessary.  Becoming a teacher at 21 years old can be overwhelming and intimidating.  Fresh out of college and I need to be a leader, of my classroom?  Student teaching was nice, but if doesn’t stop those feeling of stress and anxiety.  Being a special education teacher, there are paraprofessionals in my classroom and I’m supposed to instruct them on what needs to be done in the classroom.  There have been times that I needed to have crucial conversations on their actions in the classroom.  Before addressing the situation, I was nervous myself and needed to think about how I’d address it.  How do I address them when I’m just a 21 year old teacher and they are a veteran paraprofessional?  It was tough, but I had a conversation with them and kept my emotions completely controlled.  In the end, all worked out and my classroom was running like a well oil machine.

Crucial conversations are necessary in a wide range of settings, from our own home to the work place.  They are necessary if anything is deterring the organization from accomplishing their goal.  As a leader of organizational change, I know I will need to have conversations throughout my innovation plan and I will be sure to reference the eight steps of change strategy to make sure the conversation is successful.

Throughout my innovation plan, I will have to have crucial conversations with a few groups of individuals.  I will need to speak with administrators about my plan and get it approved.  I will need to speak to teachers about the plan to implement ePortfolios into their classrooms.  I know their will be some push back, but if I become a self-differentiated leader, I know I will be able to suppress the any anxiety they may have towards this initiative.

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Patterson, K., Grenny, J., & Swizler, A. (2012). Crucial conversations: tools for talking when stakes are high. (2nd ed.).  New York: McGraw-Hill.

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