Self-Differentiated Leader

follow_the_leader_popupA leader is some one who influences others to accomplish a common goal.  Edwin Friedman states that being an effective leader is an emotion process of regulating anxieties. Work can be extremely stressful and it’s the leader’s job to ease these stessors.  As if the whirlwinds in our lives isn’t enough, some might be anxious when being told that they are now going to be doing more, like developing and using ePortfolios in their classrooms.  As a leader, I know that I will need to diffuse these uneasy feelings by having crucial conversations.

I believe that by having crucial conversations with my co-workers about ePortfolios, I will be able to shift their focus from fear of the unknown to excitement over this new way to prepare our students for the future.  Emotional triangles can really be the downfall of a lot of initiatives.  If I’m a self-differentiated leader, then I will be able to avoid and stop the gossip and drama surrounding the change.  Even after explaining the reason for the change, I know there will still be those who are resistant.  Everyone has a veteran teacher, that is closed off to any change and wants to keep doing what they are doing.  Sabotage is going to occur and there will be push back from these individuals, but this is a sign that something good is happening.  It means that my initiative is working.  Continuously communicating and having those crucial conversations will help me bring change to my organization.

To start the crucial conversations are going to start with those who are resistant to change.  I believe that having those tough conversations are necessary.  If I start the initiative and simply ignore the anxiety and push back, it’ll fester and continue to spread throughout the organization.  By addressing the issues and addressing the concerns head on, I will be put my initiative in a better starting position.

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