Collaborate with the End Goal in Mind


I think that collaboration is always a great strategy to see other view points, but it sometimes individuals collaborate for the sake of collaborating.  I think that the key is to keep the end goal in mind.  By letting this goal lead the professional learning and working backwards, collaborating can assist with learning new, helpful strategies.  Collaboration between teachers is helpful, but it think it’s equally as helpful when the administration is involved.  With any change or initiative, such as specific professional learning, it’s important for administration to see why the change is necessary not just hear about it. It usually hard to convince administration to change, but I would suggest in addition to having them participate in the professional learning, that they observe classrooms after the learning to see the true impact.

I’m currently in a co-taught classroom for my algebra class and I absolutely love it.  My co-teacher and I are able to collaborate when planning, teaching and assisting the students.  With a majority of our students being struggling learners, we really need to look at their needs and address them in a way that is favorable and easier to comprehend, for the student.  When collaboration is done correctly, it shows success across the board.

In the OCSB video, they had teacher-led professional learning.  This allowed for teachers to think of their needs, share ideas, and have a more hands-on approach to learning.  In my opinion, I feel that I’d be more invested in learning strategies related to my specific needs, rather than a “one size fits all” lecture.  The one aspect of the video I really enjoyed was that along with it being teacher-led learning, the one teacher saw it as student driven, pretty much fusing that it’s a student/teacher-led learning.  Letting the students be in the driver’s seat really helps to have a COVA classroom and allows for more meaningful learning.

The OCSB video really gave me the reassurance that my innovation plan is helping to prepare my students for the new way of learning.  I really feel that teachers need to prepare our high school students for the future, by preparing them for their post-secondary lives and to be lifelong learners.  I really feel that ePortfolios will assist students in this process.  If we were to have this opportunity, I would definitely share this need of my students and how to address this need.


Edcan Network Le Reseau Edcan. (May 19, 2016). Innovation that sticks case study – OCSB: Collaborative professional development [Video file]. Retrieved from

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