Professional Learning: Call to Action


Step 1: The Call to Action


PL: Call to Action

Step 2: What is the Story behind the Story

The Why:

I don’t believe I can take anymore of the standard PD days anymore.  With some of the classes I’ve taken, especially this course, I now feel like I can do something about it.  I want to show my school that professional learning can take place and be enjoyable.  I want them to feel like they are getting something out of it and that it is relevant.  Most importantly, I want my co-workers to feel like they have a choice in their learning.  I mean isn’t that what we preach to students?  If we want our students to learn that way, shouldn’t we?

My school primarily does a set and get, one size fits all professional development.  Although they haven’t really been innovative with this, they have shown that they are open to change.  Just recently they supplied Chromebooks to all students.  After this, they switched our learn platform from Blackboard to Canvas.  To prepare teachers, they had multiple sessions some that were just sit and get while others were go and show.  They also had multiple sessions that cover a variety or needs for teachers.  Lastly, they appointed a teacher to the be the “Canvas Guru”.

All these little steps make me feel that they will be open to switching things up, with professional learning.  Soon, I will be moving forward with my ePortfolio initiative and I want to ensure that teacher feel like they are truly getting something out of my presentations and that they want to continue using ePortfolios in the classroom.  I don’t want to be the presenter that has to fight for the audience’s attention.  I really want profession development days to be seen as a positive experience.

The What:

My what is the video above.  The video captures the ideas about professional development now and how it can be changed by incorporating the five principals of effective professional development.  I plan on showing this video to my co-workers, in hopes that professional development will change.

The How:

I started this plan about alternate professional learning about my call to action, with a script.  I usually type all of my assignments on Google Docs or straight to WordPress, but for scripts, I’d rather not click from tap to tap, between the document and the video production program.  For my script, I decided to write in down on paper.

After I finished my script, I was then ready to create my video.  I used Adobe Spark, because I used it in the past and really enjoyed working with the program.  When creating the video on my call to action, I needed to find pictures to go with my script.  I used Pixabay, because the pictures are free and don’t need to be cited.  The awesome thing about Adobe Spark is that when recording, the individual doesn’t need to be pressured to keep each slide up for a certain time frame.  The user just chooses a picture and then records what they want the audience to hear, when they are looking at the particular slide.

My video was also complete, now I needed to connect my script and pictures to be one cohesive entity.  My computer had some issues with the microphone, but I was able to get that resolved.  When the video was completed, I created a post and added it.  After completing the video, I then needed to create my why, what and how.


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