The Hook


When thinking about how to start a presentation for professional learning, the  How to Begin a Presentation video with Simon Sinek really resonated with me.  When trying to create change someone should start with a story and most importantly is “to come with the spirit of giving.” (Sinek, 2015) I’m not sure how anyone else feels but I honestly hate when someone is being a pushy salesman and trying to sell me something.  I’m very strong minded and do what I want, so when someone is trying to sell me something, I’m completely turned off to the at idea.  When I’ve walked into stores and someone tried this tactic and it just make me want to run away.  It’s gives me a super uncomfortable feeling and I definitely don’t enjoy it, so I would never want to create change by using this strategy.

By starting with a story, it gives the audience a way to connect to the the change you are trying to create.  It opens up the audience to being accepting this change in a no pressure situation, rather than feeling forced.  I know that I want to feel that I have a choice and I’m sure others feel the same.  In past courses, I’ve learned that leading with that heart can really create change.  The head won’t go where the heart hasn’t been.

As much as we like to think, we are not the heros.  We are the mentors that guide the audience along through this presentation and process of change.  I would start with my story.  After watching the videos this week, it helped me to keep in mind to keys details and dos and don’ts.  I would then bring up what it currently is and what it could be.  I would remind them of the obstacles that we all face and offer a solution to get through those obstacles.  I think that by sharing a relatable personal story, bringing up a relatable roadblock and offering a solution will help to create change and help our students be successful.

I feel that I’ve have been given so much useful information and hope the be able to develop an effective call to action for alternative professional learning.


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