Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

To be comfortable with being uncomfortable means that an individual is okay and willing to be challenged and take risks. Adjusting to something new or trying something new can be scary. I feel that as teachers, we all need to be able to adjust. Whether it’s teaching a new class, getting a new student, or having a class completely miss how a certain skill or concept that was taught. We need to be flexible and willing to change b to best help our students. Our goal is to help our students be successful and changing to meet their needs is the answer.

I believe that with be open to something new or accepting challenges, an individual needs to be okay with making mistakes. I tell my students that everyone make mistakes, no one is perfect. If I’m solving an equation or expression on the board and I accidentally write the wrong number and a student corrects me, I thank them. I try to let students know that mistakes happen all that time and it’s not a bad thing. It can be a learning experience. I really feel that that’s how learning really sticks. If I make a mistake and I learn from it, it helps me to make a more meaningful connection to the skill or content. Reminding students that they will need to continue to learn even after they leave school and with learning comes mistakes.

Students need to always be encouraged to want to learn and become lifelong learners, so they can be prepared for their future. Whether they are in a school setting or work setting, learning is constant. If students want to be successful in any post-secondary they need to be willing and want to learn. If they don’t become lifelong learners they might get fired, from a job, because they don’t read want to read the new protocol they’ve been given. If they aren’t open to taking a risk they might not apply for a job or school that they really want because they are nervous about not getting in or it being too challenging.

To encourage this, I really think that co-learning models that you are a teacher and still wanting to learn. Students see teachers as ones that know all and that isn’t the case. Letting students know that you a teacher is willing to learn, accept that they don’t know everything and are will to be challenged will encourage them to be lifelong learners as well.

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