Call to Action- Follow Up


In the process of pitching my innovation plan, I realized I should follow a certain pattern.  After watching Nancy Duarte’s Ted Talk,  I was reiterated that I should start with the “what is” and then the “what could be” and repeat these to make my point.  At the end, I need to explain and communicate about a “new bliss”.  I really need to use my call to action to prove how my plan would better education programming, in my school.

My story behind my innovation plan is one that is really motivated by the success of students.  Being a special education teacher, all I want is for my students to be successful.  I don’t want them to just be successful in high school, but in their post-secondary life. I don’t want to prepare my students for the current world, but for the future world.

My role as a presenter, is to see the world through my eyes.  It’s my job to really sell my innovation plan and make them believe that this can truly benefit our students.  I want the audience to be as invested as I am, because if they have that same feeling they will actually put effort into rolling out my innovation plan.  They will see the value in students using ePortfolios, in the classroom, to prepare them for their post-secondary lives.


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