Plus Delta

Although Plus Delta is rather simple, it would still be able to accomplish the goal at hand. Plus Delta allows for individuals to be able to get a visual of the good and the needs.  After reviewing the positive and the delta, the needs, it allows for the individuals to brainstorm about the ways the delta can be improved.  I really enjoy that this tool allows for a leader and other staff to be able to reflect and collaborate, in a positive manner.  I know that sometimes people can be defensive when told they need to improve, but this tool seems like this awkward situation can be avoided.

I think this would be of great use, when carrying out my innovation plan.  When meeting with teacher who are piloting and later all teachers that are using ePortfolios in the classroom, this will be a great way to provide feedback and grow .  I think that with the visual and mention of the positive, my fellow teachers wouldn’t be as hesitant to hear about the areas of need.  This could be used individually, with a one-on-one meeting after an observation.  It  could also be used at department meetings and faculty meetings, to go over commonalities noticed during observations.  I’ll definitely take this tool into consideration, for my innovation plan.


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