Successful Tech Integration


Technology can be a huge part of a classroom, whether it’s making a positive or negative impact.  Sometimes technology is meaningfully introduced to staff, through a variety of ways, continuously.  There are also times when technology is introduced briefly to teachers and then asked use it, with little to no learning opportunities.  Technology needs to be introduced and continuously  practiced, to be able to understand the educational tool appropriately.

In addition to the continuous practice of the tool, the technology being introduced into the classroom needs to be beneficial to all of the teachers needs.  There needs to be a variety of uses for the educational tool, because not all teachers can use a tool the same way.  Just simply selecting a tool for teachers to use, without input is a huge mistake.  When selecting tools in the classroom, including technology, there isn’t a “one size fits all” option.  Teachers and students need to be a part of this crucial selection process, in order to be successful.

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