Unknowingly Doing Action Research


When watching the videos, I realized that I’ve been doing action research all along.  Dr. Thompson gave an example of action research as trying out a lesson and changing or adapting it, as the day continues.  I can totally relate to that.  I also feel that’s what any teacher would do, teach a lesson and change as needed if there were anything that  didn’t go so well. Action research is testing out what working best for the students and changing what doesn’t.  After hearing about nine steps, it can get a little overwhelming.  But after learning about them, I was quickly put at ease knowing that I pretty much do them when reflecting on any lesson that I teach.

Reflection is such a huge part of learning and action research.  Dr. Mertler, in the 2.1 video, states that reflection allows us to investigate our classrooms and our practice. In addition to doing this in my own classroom, I also feel that I’ve been starting this process with my innovation plan.  What I’ve learned from my previous classes and action research is that, this component of reflecting and changing is never done.  Anything can continue to adjusted or changed, upon consistent reflection.

This type of professional reflection makes me a better educator, because I’m trying for the sake of my students. I believe that if an educator is taking the time to think about past lessons or practices and adapting to help the students, they are bettering themselves.  Trying to make lessons as beneficial for students, is all that educators can really do, to aid in student success.  By taking charge our lessons, we are taking responsibility them as well and in turn help us to take ownership of our lessons and how we are teaching them.

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