Life Skills

I would ask, ” what skills do you think an individual needs to be successful?”.  It actually had me think back to my own classroom.  Have I always practiced what I’ve learned and believed?  Am I setting my students up for success?  Sometimes I need to put myself in check and stop what I’m doing.  I can think back to times at the end of the school year and having a student that is close to failing or failing that we want to help pass.  We get that paternal feeling and just want to help.  This is a battle that I have with myself, internally.  I realized after watching these videos that it’s my job to help them acquire these life skills and the rest it up to them.

I like that both of the videos focused on critical thinking skills and problem solving skills. These are huge skills that all individuals must have in order to be lifelong learners.  Being able to communicate is a skill that is lacking in children and adults.  Communication is key!  Being able to work with others and see others’ points of view are skills that are needed from school age to the workplace.  Being flexible and adapting to the situation is something that individuals encounter everyday.  The ability to be able to adjust and make things work is a huge life skill.  All skills mentioned in these videos are life skills, because we will continue to practice them in order to be successful throughout our lives.


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