In the digital age, lectures can definitely be seen as boring.  But if there is a spin on it, I believe that it can be engaging.  Instead of lecturing, it can be seen as storytelling.  I believe that everyone likes to listen to stories.  So if a teacher or professor took that approach, students would be more inclined to pay attention.

I really feel that apprenticeships are a great way to learn.  As teachers, we did student teaching.  Classroom time taught me the material, content and theories.  But teaching in the classroom had me apply all of what i learned.  This, in my opinion, was the most useful training.  I learned the most by doing.  I feel that everyone, in every field, would benefit from doing this.

Teaching high school, I really feel like the Cognitive Overload video applied to my students.  Darren McNelis mentioned the issues that he had, being able to focus on academics.  He spoke about how difficult of a time that he had, because of his constant screen time and technology usage.  This is an issue that we face with a lot of our students.  Whether it’s getting them to stay on task or complete an assignment outside of school.  I believe that it all relates to the screentime that have.  They don’t give themselves any quiet time or time to reflect, they constantly need to be engaged with technology.

In my online course, I will try to incorporate my students strengths with technology.  I think that by gearing it towards their strengths and interests, it’ll make them more willing to learn the new content.  I will also make sure that they see the “why” or the reason behind learning something.  We, as teachers, can believe what we are teaching is important but if the students aren’t sold, it doesn’t matter.


TEDx Talks. (2014, Nov. 6). Cognitive overload — rewire your brain in the digital age | Darren McNelis | TEDxTallaght [Video file]. Retrieved from https://amara.org/en/videos/JNHMjDiZmYdF/info/cognitive-overload-rewire-your-brain-in-the-digital-age-darren-mcnelis-tedxtallaght/


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