Try then Ask

I currently teach high school students.  They can range from 9th to 12th grade.  As for my teaching style, it’s pretty spot on with constructivism. I try to have my students problem solve and figure out the solution.  I really feel that by doing that, the moment really “sticks” with the students and makes a more meaningful impact.

Although most of my teaching takes place in the classroom, I have had blended learning tendencies.  Last school year, we started using the learning platform, Canvas.  Like other teachers in my school, I’ve been making an effort to incorporate Canvas into my students’ learning.  In my classroom, I’ve also been using a program called Get More Math.  This has really helped with my students rate at which they learn skills and problem solving abilities.  As for the content, I’ve taught math since the beginning of my teaching experience.  I’m also pretty comfortable with the technology used in the classroom.  When Canvas was rolled out, we were hit with trainings and video tutorials.  I found myself avoiding them and trying to learn through doing and then using the videos as a last resort.  As a result, I feel pretty confident with my ability to use the available technology.  I also took the same approach and have the same feelings towards Get More Math,

As I stated previously, I most identify with the constructivism theory.  I think the best way to learn is through doing.  Being able to problem solve and use prior knowledge to come up with a solution has always helped my students learn in the long run.  I really think this theory would connect with my online course.  In the past, I’ve felt truly successful and had understanding of the course when I was able to make my own connections to the information and build upon that.  I really feel this style will benefit my students in an online course.  I look forward to developing these ideas and theories and applying them to creating an online course.


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