Learning Independently as the Goal

After watching the “Scaffolding for Student Success”, I realized how much I related to this video.  As teachers, we all practice scaffolding.  Whether it’s teaching a new skill or working with a struggling student, scaffolding is an important piece in learning. I really like that it assists the students with the learning process less and less, to help the student become independent learners.  By doing this, it helps them to develop a sense of confidence with learning.  Being a special education teacher, this is such an important skill.  For my online course, this will be available for the students.  As much as I enjoy learning through exploration and doing, I realize that not all students are going to be able to do that independently.  Some students will have difficulties with either new technology or comprehension of the material related to their learning needs.

Since my course will be school-wide and a graduation project, it will be self-paced.  My course will allow for flexibility with assignments and have a new section each month.  Since homeroom teachers will be able to check in with them and it’s not for a specific course, there will need to be time for them to ask questions to their teachers or set up office hours with me.  Even though my course will be guided week by week, it will be a guideline, to help students stay on track.  The one solid deadline will be having the month’s module completed.  This will allow for students to finished sooner or later, in the month. In my course, I will make sure that my students’ needs are met, whether they are the gifted, independent learner or the special education student.  My goal is for students to feel confident about learning and eventually learn as independently as possible.


Alberta Education. (2015, January 30). Scaffolding for student success [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTR_snb-0nQ

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