Course Design

My course is called Introduction to ePortfolios.  My plan, for the course, is to be a graduation project for all students. This course will start their freshman year. The bulk of the course will be during their freshman year.  Throughout the sophmore until their senior year, it’ll purely be submitting their ePortfolios to their LMS.  In the beginning, I thought this course would be blended, but I realized that it would be difficult being school wide.  I decided that the course would take place online, but their advisory teachers and myself would be resources for help.   Since this will be for all students, I need to take all levels into account.  I will add a help folder, for students that need additional accommodations.  Whether it’s additional videos or speech to text apps.

Students will need access to their chromebooks, Internet, and their LMS.  Al materials will be on their LMS.  Assignments will be both individual and collaborative.  All assignments will be done individually, seeing as it’s a graduation project.  The collaboration will be done through discussions.  Students will submit their assignments via assessments on the LMS and discussion posts.  They will share their link for their ePortfolio on the discussion board as well.


Bates, A.W. (2015). Teaching in a digital age: Guidelines for designing teaching and learning (Chapters 8-10). Retrieved from

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