Prompt 1

The White Paper made some good points about separating Library of Congress and the U.S Copyright Office. The U.S Copyright Office may not be up to date with technology, but they still have a plan in place to build up their sources.  Seeing as the years have gone on, the number of copyrights have growing and growing, this can be a factor.  Since the Library of Congress is using a system that is not as up to date, because they were created before the technology surge.  In the current time, I believe sources and databases need a different approach.

Tepp, S. & Oman,R. (2015 October). a 21st copyright office:the conservative case for reform. Retrieved from


Prompt 2

Plagiarism is when someone takes another person’s work and tries to take credit for it, by trying to pass it off as their own.  An example of this is when an individual writes a paper, takes a a quote from a source and doesn’t cite it.

Copyright Infringement is pretty much using an individual’s work in a way that is not allowed.  An example is using an image in an advertisement, without permission.

Attribution is when an credit is given to a source that was used.  An example of this is citing a source, for a paper.

Transformation is when an individual’s work is being used in a different way than it was supposed to used. An example is when new music uses clips or inspired parts of songs, of old songs.


Bailey. J (2013 October 7). The difference between copyright infringement and plagiarism. Retrieved from

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