Prompt 1

One take away from the video is that it changed my perspective.  Before watching it, I didn’t really feel any sympathy about the situation.  After watching the video, I was able to see how this was different than someone getting caught cheating.  This was in the public eye, so it wasn’t just in front of the normal social circle, it was in front of the world  Everyone makes mistakes, so I can imagine how hard it can be to do that for everyone to see.  One word that comes to mind, for me, is change.  Again, I didn’t really feel sorry until think about the situation and how it was different for her.  We’ve all made mistakes and have probably been embarrassed when it’s been noticed by others.  Now imagine if the whole world witnessed your mistakes.

If this was during the social media time, this would have been way worse.  It would have been all over the the applications and I would imagine that she would have to shut down her accounts for a while to avoid any harassment and possible threats.  To cope with the “shame game”, individuals need to be taught how to about netiquette. They need to know mind their own business and be nice to others online.  I believe that reminding others that everyone messes up and asking if they would like to be attacked, when that time comes, is a good question to ask.  People make mistakes and this “canceled culture” isn’t making life easy for anyone.  No one is perfect and everyone should realize that and try to help people learn from their mistakes, in a positive way, rather than live in fear.

Prompt 2

If I had unlimited resources, I would create a digital citizenship course for all students.  I think it would be best, for all students in the district.  Students, younger and younger, are going online and I would like to prepare them.  I would have different courses for the different age groups.  It would be great for students in the district, since the beginning, because they would see the natural progression of the courses and consistently learn and be reminded of digital citizenship.  I think it would be great to supplement these courses by having posters throughout the schools about digital citizenship.  I would also like to add that have mini assemblies, using guest speakers that have firsthand accounts on aspects of digital citizenship.  It would be powerful for students to see how digital citizenship or lack there of can have an impact on an individual.

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