Article Media Pitch

I think the way to engage the audience is to know who they are first.  To engage the audience, a presenter must be speaking about a topic that is relevant to the audience.  Others have engaged me when they speak about something that is relevant to me.  A main example of this is actually happening in two days.  We have an in-service and every year special education teachers are recommended to go to training at the intermediate unit, in our county.  If not, we have to be approved to stay at our school.  I choose to stay at the school, with the math department, because it’s relevant to me.  A lot of the trainings I see, offered for special education teachers, isn’t really relevant to me.  It would be an all day borefest.  So I am a main supporter in relvancy.  I will incorporate this into my video, but touching on important topics for high school teachers. I would influencer reviewers to read my publication, this method has our students needs at heart.

Here is my link to my video:

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