I feel that I realized that I have COVA, when I was creating my ePortfolio.  All of the assignments that we had to complete were more than that.  I was able to make the choice on how I wanted to complete the assignments.  In turn, I was able to take ownership of my own work or ePortfolio.  Through this I was able to reflect on my learning experiences and make it relevant to me.

In the beginning, I was not to excited about it, it was different and the uncertainty made me uncomfortable.  In the past, I was use to being shown examples and told exactly what was expected.  COVA was the exact opposite.  After giving COVA a try, I realized that I was able to create evidence of my learning in my own way that was meaningful to me.  It wasn’t necessarily love at first sight,  but I learned to love this style of learning.

I think that using a new approach in a classroom, can be uncomfortable, not difficult.  Change is uncomfortable.  I think that there isn’t one right way of doing this.  It can be done on certain assignments, to test how students respond to it.  Or a teacher can just jump into it and use the COVA approach for everything.  In my innovation plan, with the integration of ePortfolios in learning, the COVA approach is a staple throughout.

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