Towards the beginning of my DLL journey, I added a PLN section to my ePortfolio.  I feel that I still frequent the site, but I really just look to get ideas.  I guess I should probably contribute, so it’s not just a taking relationship.  I get a lot of ideas from looking at the normal social media pages. I also, still look at the social media comedy pages.  That hasn’t changed and it’s so nice to see other people that deal with the same things that I do as a teacher and find the humor in it.  So in the future, I hope to have a bigger role in PLNs and want to make it more of a mutual relationship. rather that the “take take take” one that I have now.

The biggest take away from this course is that it’s possible to do something like publish an article, for the everyday regular teacher.  I thought that this was something only for well established writers to be able to do.  I realized that it’s not as impossible as I though it would be, to publish an article.  I also learned that although I do like the spotlight and don’t mind have the attention on me, I don’t feel the desire to publish an article.  I’m my harshest critic and probably would rather read others’ articles, rather than publish my own.

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