Reflection on the Innovation Project

In regards to the actual plan, I feel that I’m at a pretty good spot and close to finishing  if not finished.  I originally wanted to implement ePortfolios with all students in the high school.  I was nervous that it would be too big of an idea to tackle, by including all staff and students in  the high school, but I see the benefit for all that are involved.  I will say that although my main idea or goal hasn’t changed the planning most definitely has changed.  In the beginning, I turned in my innovation plan and thought that there wasn’t much more that could go into planning.  I was so wrong! Throughout the Digital Learning and Leading program, I’ve continued to add to the innovation plan .

During a previous class, I was able to develop an online class for students creating ePortfolios.  In addition to creating an online class, I also added the idea of making this a graduation project.  This would enforce the importance of the plan and students would know that it is a requirement.  I also like that I created a course, because students would be able to learn about using ePortfolios and have a resource to refer back to, when creating their own.  The only thing left, is to implement the plan.

I honestly think that it all sounds like it’ll work, but there isn’t a true test until I run my innovation plan. I realized that I needed to be specific and almost plan as if someone, other than me was reading over the plan, and not have to ask any questions for clarity.  While developing my innovation plan, I realized that it’ll never be complete and that if I run it, it’ll always have to be adjusted to meet the needs of all students.

Since the last step is actually going though with the innovation plan, I will need to promote it.  First I would start with administration.  Then I would talk about it at faculty meeting.  I would pilot the plan, with those who are interested.  Then we would share our findings including: results, benefits, things that need to be improved (so others wouldn’t make the same mistakes).  Overall, I learned a lot but think I still have more to learn about developing and implementing innovation plans.

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