When I am preparing to write I would use Google Drive and the Google applications store information, access data and collaborate with others.  It’s probably the most accessible technological tool to individuals.  It’s pretty easy to learn how to use and navigate through the tools.  Most individuals have probably used Google applications at some point in their lives.  At my school, all students and teachers have Google accounts.  My school stresses the uses of Google applications.  When students have to type a paper or complete a project, they use Google.  If they need to collaborate or contact a student/teacher, they use Google. If teachers or administrators need to share information they use Google.  I believe that it works pretty well.  Since the teacher are well versed in the tool, they are able to assist their students with using it.  It’s also a tool that students and teachers will keep on using.  I use it in both my personal and professional life.

A topic that interests me is that same topic that I have surrounding my innovation plan, the implementation of ePortfolios with all high school students.  I feel this is very important, because students need to be prepared for the future.  By implementing them, in the classroom, teachers are able to expose students to learning new tools, troubleshooting and problem solving.  It will also allow them to stay current with new technology and prepare for colleges and/or employment that require an ePortfolio. It also helps promote becoming a lifelong learner.  Links that I’ve found, related to my area of interest are listed below:

I could transition this area of interest from theory to practice by sharing my ideas, including my research with teachers and administration.  If can show the evidence, I believe that teachers and administrators would be interested in trying out my plan.  Once getting some individuals on my side, I could ask to introduce my ideas a faculty and department meetings,

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