Action Research Outline

ePortfolio Action Research Outline

I. Focus:

Student created ePortfolios to prepare high school students for their post-secondary lives

II. Purpose:

To determine if the use of ePortfolios improve the following, in order to prepare students for their post-secondary lives: reflection, problem-solving skills, desire and ability to learn how to use 21st century tools.

III. Research Question:

What are students’ perceptions of the benefits of e-portfolios in preparing them for post-secondary lives?

IV. Research Design:

The design is both a qualitative and quantitative approach.  I’d observe how ePortfolio implementation is going, but I’d also get feedback from those using them and who have used them.

V. Data to be Collected:

To measure the results of the research question, student work will be collected and analyzed.  Surveys will also be sent out to students currently using ePortfolios, teachers currently using ePortfolios and students that have used ePortfolios and are now in a post-secondary setting.

VI. Measurement Instrument(s):

I will use student work, observations and information provided by surveys. In order to judge the reflection process, posts will be analyzed for growth on reflecting on learning experiences and problem solving to improve.  Surveys will also provide the students’ insight. Students that have graduated will be able to provide “real life” evidence of the uses of ePortolios, in the future. Students will demonstrate understanding of 21st century skills, through observation.

VII. Focus of Lit Review:

The literature review will provide an overview of the importance of becoming a lifelong learner and acquiring these skills to be successful in their post-secondary lives. It will also touch on the rate at which new technology is being introduced into the workplace and schools.  The main focus of the literature review is going to look at the ePortfolio and how it allows students to improve on the important lifelong learner skills, such as: reflection, problem-solving skills, desire and ability to learn how to use 21st century tools.