Additional Online Course Suggestions

In addition to my ePortfolio course, I feel that there are other courses that high school students could find useful.

I would create an online physical education class.  I know what you’re thinking.  Online gym? Yes, physical education can be online.  In my high school, there is currently a hybrid physical education course in place.  This course allows the student to do their physical activity outside of school and record the activity via Fitbit.  Then they meet once per week.  But honestly, our gym classes are two days per week.  So it just cuts off on day from the schedule?  My point exactly.  Why do the students need to meet? Some students have issues with this schedules.  A completely online course would solve this.  Students would check in, upload their Fitbit data and give a brief list of the activity they did over the course of the week.  I think that it also gets them in the routine of doing physical activity on their own.  This is a healthy habit that all individuals know they should partake in, but don’t.  Like ePortfolios, this is just another way to prepare students for the future.

Another useful online course for students would be to high school students is a technological readiness course.  It would teach the students to use technology associated with school and the workplace. There are so many students that can’t use the technology that we incorporate into the classroom.  I know, that’s a shock right? I felt the same way.  Students know how to use social media apps and anything associated with them, but that’s about it. This course would teach students to use applications such as: google docs, google slides, google sheets, tips and tricks for Chromebooks, and any other useful online tools.  This would prepare students for the future, of independence, while in a supported environment.

Both of these additional courses would not benefit just one time of student, but all students in the high school.  My belief is that if there isn’t a benefit to each student, are you really keeping ALL of their best interests in mind?