Digital Learning in Local and Global Contexts

Time to Reflect: EDLD 5314 Edition


Throughout this course, I was wondering how I would be able to build upon my innovation plan.  I will admit that prior to this course, I felt that my plan was close to complete.  But what I have learned in the Digital Learning and Leading program is that, nothing is ever final and that plans or thoughts can continue to be built upon.  Throughout this course I feel that I was able to gear my innovation plan towards a wide variety of students needs, that I may not have addressed if I wasn’t able to complete additional research.  As  a result, I feel that I’m now able to make more well-informed points, that could get my innovation plan approved by administration.


Although my proposal  and BHAG of school-wide ePortfolio implementation remained the same,  my innovation outline or plan, changed a bit. I believe the consideration of how to address them have.  I’ll admit that when I first started planning, I had more insight on the general population.  Also, my school is very lucky to have the capabilities to give all students Chromebooks.  After completing my call to action video, I was reminded of all of the different populations in our one school.  It made me think more about the poorer population of students.  ePortfolios are great tools, but what if they don’t have internet access at home?  After reading resource after resource, when completing my second literature review, I felt like the main change that needed to be done to my innovation plan.


I truly believe that if a leader wants a plan to fully successful, it needs to really benefit and help all individuals.  I really care about all of my students, so I realized that I need to think of a plan for all of them.  It made me think of ways to ensure that all students that come from, low-income families are able to access their ePortfolios.   Thinking back to the past, I’ve had few students that needed access to the internet and the school was able to offer very discounted plans to students.  I would be sure that all students, in this situation, would be offered this deal.


In addition, to changing my my innovation outline to suit the needs of all students, regardless their accessibility or family income, I also wanted to change how my innovation plan is rolled out.  Based of the readings, I realized that I really needed to emphasize goals and expectations.  Seeing what could go wrong, from the readings, really made me think about how I need to make sure the proper structure and guidelines are in place, so that ePortfolios aren’t used inappropriately.

After reading all of the sources provided and found, I realized that my plan basically work.  I still believe that all students would benefit from the use of ePortfolios.  I still believe that starting with a piloting program will be the way to start my innovation plan.  By doing that it will allow for us to work out the kinks so to speak, rather than when we have a full roll out of the plan.

What I could have done better is focus on the needs of all students.  The positive about ePortfolios is that it can be accessed anywhere.  I realized that I needed to add giving forms to students of low-income households, for discounted internet packages.  I also realized that I needed to emphasize the goal and expectations to not just the teachers, but to the students.  I realized, after the readings, that if I didn’t include that something could go terribly wrong with the plan.

Digital Learning in Local and Global Contexts, really helped me to grow my innovation plan all of the students’ needs in mind.