Digital Learning & Leading Journey Synthesis

My Digital Learning and Leading Journey

Prior to beginning my Digital Learning and Leading journey, I didn’t believe it would make as much of an impact to my life as it did.  To be honest, I thought of myself as being well versed in technology as it relates to the classroom so i thought I wouldn’t learn as much.  I actually thought that I would be able to use purely my prior knowledge to complete these courses.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I learned so much that I’ve been able to apply to both my professional and personal life.

Throughout the 12 courses, I’ve been able to take part in many learning experiences.  When I just developed my ePortfolio, I couldn’t have imagined how much I was able to accomplish.  Throughout the DLL courses I have been able to practice the growth mindset by referencing resources,  sharing my thoughts, listening to other’s thoughts or collaborating with others, and reflecting on my experiences and learning from them.  All of these learning experiences have helped me with truly become a digital learner and leader.

DLL Journey

Concepts of Educational Technology

Throughout Concepts of Educational Technology, I was able to learn about the growth mindset and COVA.  Little did I know how big of a part these concepts would play throughout the entire Digital Learning and Leading program.  The growth mindset helped me with learning to welcome challenges, be accepting of failure, learn about other perspectives and reflect on learning experiences.  COVA is a learning approach that gives the learner choice, ownership, voice and an authentic learning experience.  After learning about COVA, I was now able to have something to reference whenever I was planning for anything that was being implemented into the classroom.  During this course was able able to write about my growth mindset, develop my learning manifesto, discuss learning networks that I’ve used and create my ePortfolio.

Applying Educational Technology

While participating in this course, I was able to learn more about ePortfolios.  In the previous course, the final project was to develop almost a shell of an ePortofolio, including the three assignments that we submitted.  In the beginning of the process I created my ePortfolio on Wix and then decided to shift to using WordPress.  I thankful that I made this decision.  WordPress has been a great tool to use to share and reflect on all of my learning experiences.  This course gave me a chance to figure out what an ePortfolio is, why to use an ePortfolio, and who owns the ePortfolio. By figuring it out, I was able to get a lot of insight and learn so much about ePortfolios.  After reflecting about sharing and evaluating ePortfolios, I developed a desire to implement ePortfolios into the classroom.

Disruptive Innovation in Technology

In the beginning of this course, I was a bit confused with the course name and how it would be a positive.  Disruptive Innovation in Technology gave me the change to develop my innovation plan, to implement ePortfolios into the classroom. I was able to develop a proposal letter, that I’d be able to share with administration. I was then able to create the step by step “tentative” plan for the role out. After creating the plan, I was then able to complete research and apply it it my literature review.  I really appreciated completing the literature review, because it just added an additional resource to share with administration to prove my point of the effectiveness of ePortfolios in the classroom.As the final touch to my innovation plan, I created a video that would serve as the hook, to get my co-workers invested in my plan.

Creating Significant Learning Environments

Creating Significant Learning Environments really helped with elaborating on my innovation plan. I felt like the previous course allowed me to create the plan and idea of my innovation plan, in this course I was think about assignments and assessments that would align with my plan. I was also able to develop my understanding by design model and designed backwards, with the main goal in mind.  Throughout this course I reflected and thought about my personal learning philosophy and revisit my growth mindset plan.  This was a huge learning milestone for me, during the innovation plan process.  I was able to actually see my plan beginning to come to life.

Leading Organizational Change

In the beginning of this course, I was able to reflect on my “why”. This was such a huge part of my innovation plan. I mean if I wasn’t able to figure out my why, how could I expect others to figure out their why? I, like my students, need to know the relevancy of whats being taught, so I was able to reflect and think about how create a change.  In the process, I was able to develop my influencer strategy and 4 disciplines of execution, to plan for change.  I was then able to discuss the importance of crucial conversations, in order to fully lead a change with my students, co-workers and administration.

Developing Effective Professional Learning

When I first saw the title of the course, I have to admit I cringed about.  Professional learning is not always effective or relevant to teachers.  So when I learned that I would be developing a plan for professional learning based on my innovation plan, I was excited.  I was going to be able to develop professional learning that would be relevant and useful.  I was able to create a plan with the professional learning activities that would be taking place.  I then created a professional learning video. I think this video would be great to show anyone that may be leading a professional learning session.

Digital Learning in Local and Global Contexts

In this course, I was able to expand my research from to ePortfolios in learning to sources around the world.  It was great being able to review and the different resources and to reflect on their perspectives, in my second literature review.  I appreciated being able to expand my list of resources.  By completing this literature review, I was able to add another resource to my list, to share with administrators during the innovation plan journey.  I was able to create a call to action video, for my innovation plan. I could see myself showing this video to both administration and co-workers, when I try to get them to “buy in” to my innovation plan.

Assessing Digital Learning and Instruction

In this course, I learned that the planning for the innovation plan is never over.  I figured that I had an plan, a proposal, video and two literature reviews.  I was able to develop an action research outline, to map out my action research plan. I  also completed more research and developed a third literature review to support my action research plan.   I couldn’t believe how detailed my innovation plan had become.  It was almost like I could actually run my innovation plan, it was more than just a graduate assignment it turned into a reality.

Instruction Design in Online Learning

I couldn’t believe it, but I actually created an online course.  This was beyond my I could have ever imagined creating.  I decided to make this course geared towards my innovation plan.  I though that it would be a great way to introduce students to the concept of ePortfolios.  I also liked the idea of students being able to reference the online course, if they ever needed help with ePortfolios.  Through the process of creating the online course, I had to develop an online course outline, to map it out.  I then made a more detailed outline, that included all course specifics.  To expand on my though process, I also thought of other ways online courses could be utilized by students.  I reflected and thought of alternative online courses and the online course process.  Honestly, with all the resources developed there is no point to not run my innovation plan.  This would be a great tool for all students to use and reference.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship was pretty eyeopening.  I really thought that I was one hundred percent understanding of everything associated with digital citizenship.  Well, I was wrong again.  Throughout this course, I was able to learn more about being a good digital citizen, the importance of being knowledgeable about your digital footprint and copyrights.  I was able to create a digital citizenship video and presentation.  This would be a great video  and presentation, to show my students.  In this world, I don’t believe students are fully aware of this concept and the possible impact of it.  I was then able to write a final reflection and essay to think about my journey through this course.  I learned that although I knew about digital citizenship and digital footprints, I had no clue about the copyright laws.  I was really able to take away from useful information.

Resources for Digital Environments

I was able to organize and expand me digital tools by creating an Ed Shelf.  In this course, I was able to create a publication outline, my publication and my article pitch.  I was told not to post my article, if I planned on getting my article published.  To think that I could actually have a published article on the ISTE, is mind blowing.   I can’t wait to see if they choose to publish my article on how ePortfolios can prepare high school students.

Digital Learning and Leading Capstone

In this course, I synthesized everything that I learned throughout my Digital Learning an Leading journey.  I was able to reflect on my experience with COVA.  I was then able to reflect on my journey through the my innovation plan.  This course gave me the chance to reflect on everything that I’ve done so far in the Digital Learning and Leading program and what I’m doing next.


Throughout the last year and a half, I feel that I’ve become a digital learner and leader.  Coming into the program, I may have had other motivations, but that all changed after I truly invested in my plan.  I was able to create something that I can use in my school and do more that just implement it, I can create a change within my school.  I’ve learned to persevere and challenge myself throughout the process and this will be a skill that I carry through my personal and professional life.