Final Reflection

Prior to taking this course, I always thought that I was pretty knowledgeable about digital citizenship.  This course opened my eyes to the part of digital citizenship that was unclear, the legal perspective.  I feel that anyone with a good moral compass is able to determine the dos and don’ts of digital citizenship, but the legal end gets complicated.   By learning about the law related to digital citizenship, I feel that I was able to knowledgeable about both aspects.

My biggest accomplishment, for this course, was being able to get through the work.  This course assignment load was very rigorous.  I had a difficult time trying to balance my personal, school and work life.  I learned to management my time better, in the process.  This was also a challenge, because I wasn’t used to this amount of work in a graduate course.  I feel that at times due to time constraints, my quality of work was compromised.

My best work, produced in this course, was the digital citizenship video.  This was my best work for a few reasons.  I worked hard on this video and I felt there was a use for it.  This video could be used in my classroom, in the beginning of the school year.  This video can be used to set a precedent for the students as they use their Chromebooks, Canvas and internet.  I was able to learn about other ways to deliver information to students, about digital citizenship.

This course taught be about how important it is to stress digital citizenship, with my students.  Students need to be taught how to be good digital citizens, to ensure success and safety in the future.  Students need to know the rules and responsibilities in the digital world.

What I’ve learned, during this course, to continue to grow as an educational leader is that teaching our students just about the content or academics is not enough.  We as educators need to teach our students to also be able to responsible individual, while using the technology that we incorporate into the classroom.  By teaching our students about using these tools responsibly, they will hopefully apply this to their personal use technologies.

What I liked about this course was that it something that is relevant.  This is a topic that is relevant to all teachers and students.  Since technology is continuously emerging, we need to prepare our students.

If I were to give advice to another student about this course, it would be to be prepared to work.  I would stress that they need to be able to master time management because they will need to figure out how to manage work and their everyday life.  I would also let them know that it’s a very important concept that they need to learn about.  Although I thought I knew about it, the law aspect was new.

In the future of this course, I would suggest to condense the assignments.  I feel that there were assignments that overlapped and objective could have been covered in fewer assignments.  Overall, the message and information behind this course is very relevant and useful.