Innovation Project Reflection


What I’ve learned about my innovation plan is that it’s going to be a process and continue to be a process.  Throughout the Digital Leading and Learning program, we needed to be able go back to the assignments that we created and make the necessary changes.

I began my innovation plan with my innovation proposal letter .  Seeing as I actually plan on following through with my innovation plan, I’m glad that I have the letter to be able to share with my principal.  Then I created my innovation plan outline .  By creating this outline, I was able to map out what I was going to do and when I was going to do it.  Looking back at it, it was ambitious to attach dates.  I think the spacing out of events in the innovation plan work, but I will need to adjust the dates.  I was then able to create my innovation plan video .  By creating this video, I now have an way to introduce my plan to my co-workers. Throughout the process, I’ve also been able to complete multiple literature reviews with research pertaining to ePortfolio innovation plan including:  The Effectiveness of ePortfolios in the Classroom and Applying Local and Global Research on ePortfolios to Students’ Post Secondary Needs . I believe that these will be useful resources to be help prove the benefits of ePortfolios being incorporated into learning.

Moving past the ideas, I was then able to really plan.  I was able to align outcomes, assessments and activities .  This assignment gave me the time to actually think about all of the goals that I have associated with my innovation plan.  After developing the goals, I was able develop activities or assessments that would be able to assess these goals.  I was able to plan backwards, with the main goal in mind. I was then able to design  my plan with so many factors in mind, including: what I want to be understood, essential questions, tasks, and questions.  My developing these documents, I was able to dive deep into my plan and explore all aspects.  I feel this is the only way to be completely informed and prepared for the run through of my innovation plan.

As for where I am, in my innovation plan, I have a tentative innovation plan.  I say tentative because it’ll never be final.  There is always the possibility of change, since it needs to be a flexible plan to meet all students’ needs.  I have not started the innovation plan process yet, only because I want to be able to fully commit to it.  In the past, I’ve overextended myself and I don’t want to do that with this plan, not with all of the work it took developing it.  As soon as I’m finished with my Digital Learning and Leading program, it is my plan to get it started.

The learning process was definitely unexpected.  I said it before, but I went into this thinking that I would do the assignment, get the grade and repeat.  I didn’t believe this learning experience would be so meaningful to me.  I really enjoyed being able to embrace COVA and do this my way, a way that is relevant to me.  I was able to collaborate with others and it’s helped me gain some outside perspectives.  I like to think that I’m “always right”, but that’s not reality.  It was refreshing to hear others’ perspectives and be able to apply something new and different to my plan.  But the most valuable piece to the learning process that I appreciated (and realized that I need to do a lot more often) was the reflection piece.  Being able to reflect on everything that I’ve completed, has helped me grow as a teacher, student, learner and as a person.

When I first started the process, my plan was for all high school students to use ePortfolios.  My idea was for it to be a graduation requirement.  I felt that the plan worked and seems like it’ll be a great idea and be beneficial for all that are involved.  I was nervous, in the beginning, because it wasn’t targeting a specific group.  I’m very happy that I stuck with that idea, because I think that every student should learn how to develop an ePortfolio.  It’ll prepare them for the future and help them to learn in their own way.  I think that it also helps students to become independent learners and to think for themselves.

Through the process, I learned I need to be as detailed as possible.  In the beginning I thought I was giving enough information, but realized I wasn’t doing as well as I thought.  I had to think of it as if someone picked up my plan, read it and followed it correctly.  By adopting this way of thinking, it helped me with being as specific as possible.  Besides that,  I’ve done everything I should.  I gotten feedback, reflected and changed the plan whenever I noticed a problem.  I learned that I need to be flexible and adapt.

To promote my innovation plan, as I mentioned previously, I would share my ePortolio video.  This would be a great hook, to really get the point across, to my coworkers.  This would take place at a faculty meeting.  By sharing it at the meeting, it would ensure that everyone would see the video.  I thought about sending it in an email and then speaking about it at the faculty meeting, but that might end with a huge number of my coworkers not actually watching it.  I would then enlist in the help of some of my coworkers to pilot the plan and we would consistently share updates with the rest of the school.  By sharing a short video that gets right to the point and actual examples of success from the pilot teachers, it’ll open up even the most stubborn employees to this new plan.

Although, I don’t want to think about my next innovation plan, before I start this current plan, I have learned something guidelines that I’d like to follow.  I think that being organized is key.  Starting off with and outline is crucial.  The outline really assisted with setting a schedule, for the plan.    I also, believe that the proposal letter is a great way to start.  Asking permission in a formal manner, will make the administration take me seriously.  In addition to creating an outline and proposal, I will need to plan for everything by developing goals and any activities and tasks that will help anyone achieve the goals.  In order for any innovation plan to be successful, an individual needs to plan for the everything, including the unexpected, to meet the needs of everyone involved.

The innovation project was such a unique experience, that I will forever be grateful to have developed.  I have grown so much through this experience and will continue to grow.  By completing this project, I have been more open minded and creative. These changes have extended passed graduate school and into teaching.  My job is to be the best for my students and this has allowed me to do that.