Learning Networks

Classroom 2.0

This is a  social network for those interested in  Web 2.0, Social Media, and Participative Technologies in the classroom. Individuals are able  to participate in the great discussions here, to receive event notifications, and to find and connect with colleagues.

Class Tech Tips

This is a blog by Monica, who is EdTech Consultant and educator.  Her blog posts are geared towards technology and give anyone reading them great ideas on how to incorporate them in the classroom.  There is a variety of the ideas and this could be applicable to any teacher.

Common Sense Education

This is a great reference for teachers.  There ares lesson and other classroom activities that are great to use in the classroom.  This is perfect for the teacher that is trying to incorporate technology into the classroom.

Cybrary Man’s Educational Web Sites

This is a link with a ton of information on anything technology.  There is everything ranging from Chromebook information to acceptable use policies.  I really used this site when trying to figure out how to incorporate the Chromebooks into my classroom.


This is a huge learning community. It can be used by teachers or students.


This is a lesson resource or “enhancer” site.  There are available topics and related videos that can be incorporated into the classroom.


I recently discovered this site, but in a new way. I ‘ve always known it to have standards, but never a community.  There are discussions educators that can be really useful when you feel like you need so input on educational situations.

It’s About Learning

Dr. Harapnuik’s blog is very information about the Digital Learning and Leading world.  This has been a huge part of what I’ve learned over the course of my time in the program.

Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything

Kathy’s guide to everything is really just that.  I has so much information about technology that can be incorporated into the classroom.  There is so much useful information, some that I’ve learned and A LOT that I can’t wait to learn.

Teaching Channel

This is basically “Youtube” for teachers.


This is “the news” for teachers.  This is a lot of current information.  For anyone who enjoys a good podcast, or just has a long car ride, the site also offers Podcasts.

We Are Teachers

This is a site to the “all around wellness” of teachers.  The are classroom ideas, FREE materials, teacher humor, career advice and life and well-being.

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