Publication Outline


Students are completing work constantly and keeping it in their student-assigned Google Drive, but what happens after that?  The goal of using ePortfolio is to prepare students to be able to use the technology of tomorrow and to learn to think independently and reflect upon that. Through the use of ePortfolios, we as teachers, what students to learn and reflect on that process.  We want them to grow from previous learning processes.  To ensure that students are able to keep evidence of their learning process, throughout high school, ePortfolios will be implemented.  By using ePortfolios, students will be able responsible for their learning and be able to take accountability and ownership.  ePortfolios will assist  students with continuously wanting to learn and to become lifelong learners.


The implementation of ePortfolios, in high school, to prepare students for their post-secondary lives and help them become lifelong learners.

Innovation Plan Connection:

Earlier this year, I created an innovation plan on the implementation of ePortfolios.  I would like to continue to have additional resources and evidence to support my initiate.


All high school advisories will meet three times per week.  Students will be given instruction in the beginning from their advisory and their online learning platform. All resources and assignments will be available on the online learning platform.  The assignments include: discussions, quizzes, projects, articles, videos, etc..

Benefits to Others:

  • Student can work on ePortfolios wherever they are at the moment.  ePortfolios are easily accessible.
  • Students can create their schedule, in which they will work on their ePortfolio.
  • All student, regardless of their classes that they are enrolled in, can successfully create and develop an ePortfolo.
  • Students are able to practice using technological tools.
  • Students can learn to problem solve.
  • Students can learn to learn independently.
  • Students can learn to reflect on their learning process and grow.
  • Students can continue to use their ePortfolios, after high school.

Possible Obstacles:

  • Students that struggle with learning, may have difficulty trying to do so independently.
  • Students may not have access to internet at home.

Lessons Learned:

I learned that implementing something so different may be just what the students need, to really prepare them for the future.  Making the students focus on the learning process and the content, rather than just drilling content is what will prepare them for the future.


I will use my ePortfolio as a resource. This will be a huge source seeing as it will be an exemplar for my innovation plan.  Below is my ePortfolio: