Reflection on Cyberbullying

I learned a lot more about cyberbullying this week, that I thought I already knew.  Going into this topic I felt that there wasn’t anything in the unknown.  After reading the materials and watching the videos, I realized that there is always more to learn.

When I took the quiz, I couldn’t believe that some of the answers I selected,  were wrong,  It took me a while to realize that schools in all states don’t have cyberbullying policies. I had to think back to myself and to be honest, I’m not sure if we have one or not.  We recently received printed out bullying policies to hang in out room, but I need to read it.  I know it the past that it’s been hard for students to get in trouble for things that are done off school grounds.  It usually turns into a matter with the police.

In my opinion, I feel that cyberbullying isn’t taken as seriously as it should be.  Cyberbullying is not just comments here and there.  This has affected others socially, emotionally, and physically.  In there news, there are now more and more stories about individuals that are committing suicide due to bullying.  The main reasons that it happens is because the schools or law enforcement are doing what they should about it.  Or individual isn’t informing the trusted adults in their lives.

I felt I knew is so much about this because honestly, “canceled culture” and “trolling” is the norm.  We witness so much cyberbullying online.  It’s very upsetting to see how others react online.  Whether it’s on youtube or social media platforms, there are people that type malicious comments to others on the daily.  Then there are people that try to defend them attacked individual and they say hurtful things.  In return, the two engaged parties start to have words.  It’s a vicious cycle of interactions that are public for everyone to see and maybe even influence them.  Everyone needs to learn how to act online, for their own safety as well as others’.

This week also made me think about what we are doing to prepare our students for cyberbullying and being good digital citizens.  If I had unlimited resources, I would create a digital citizenship course for all students. I think it would be best, for all students in the district. Students, younger and younger, are going online and I would like to prepare them. I would have different courses for the different age groups. It would be great for students in the district, since the beginning, because they would see the natural progression of the courses and consistently learn and be reminded of digital citizenship. I think it would be great to supplement these courses by having posters throughout the schools about digital citizenship. I would also like to add that have mini assemblies, using guest speakers that have firsthand accounts on aspects of digital citizenship. It would be powerful for students to see how digital citizenship or lack there of can have an impact on an individual.